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Back off Evite

November 11, 2009

There are some things that the internet can’t replace and stationary is one of them. Of course, I’m the girl who still writes her to do list down on paper, writes her grandmother letters and keeps a stock of greeting cards in her closet for every occasion (x10). Me standing in a greeting card/gift boutique can be compared to a fat kid in a candy shop. Now, if only I paid per pound…


I was inspired (always, inspired) by The Party Dress‘s, bumble bee baby shower theme. The bumble bee theme or the use of the color yellow works well for a gender neutral shower. I’m think I might “borrow” this idea for the shower I’m co-hosting in a few weeks. Notecards/thank you’s from Minted.

Smock Stationary

The perfect rainy day notecards from Smock.

Elum stationary

This is a great template to use if you’re planning a casual “couples dinner” or even a girls night in. You know, the party where everyone is gathered around the kitchen drinking wine and catching up (ok, gossiping) and the men, if invited are outside pretending to BBQ and speaking in a language I don’t understand. Thank you Pretty Little Things for introducing me to Elum Designs.


Again, going with the bee theme, these simple personalized notecards make great gifts, which you can find at iomoi. For all you DG girls, they have an anchor theme.


I couldn’t resist these stylish cards from Linda and Harriett. Simply fabulous.

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