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Lady Gaga has entered the Ballroom

November 7, 2009
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Lady Gaga probably didn’t intend for her song “Just Dance” to be played in a studio full of ballroom dancers, of all ages might I add, but apparently it’s just right beat for the cha-cha cha. Now if only I looked as hot as Karina Smirnoff does above…

So, here’s the story. One of my co-workers is a competitive ballroom dancer and convinced me to join her for a Friday night dance class. 1) she’s cool 2) workout without going to the gym 3) I like to dance. SOLD. Dancing with a professional ballroom dancer (aka someone who can lead) it’s much easier to pick up. Plus, when you dance you can’t think about your never-ending to do list or the bad day you just had because you’re too busy concentrating on the steps and making sure you keep your toenails in tact. Seriously, if my feet weren’t achy and blistered from the world’s ugliest dance shoes, I would still be dancing. It’s a good thing my husband just got a job because I signed up for two more classes, but since he doesn’t read my blog, he may just never know….

Alright boys and girls, whether its in the privacy of your own home, in a dance studio or even in a bar get out your dancing shoes and go shake it.

Tip: To help you relax, I suggest you consume one full glass of wine beforehand. It helps, I promise.

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