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Trick-or-Treat, with style

October 27, 2009


I’m absolutely crazy about this site and had to share it with you and yes, these are treats meant for kids but I’m pretty certain I married a big kid. It’s no secret, I love parties down to every last detail and just because I’m not throwing a Halloween part-ay this year doesn’t mean I can’t whip up these fun treats, right? It just means my husband may be a few pounds heavier, but at least I would have the pictures to show off my masterpiece. If you find yourself eyes wide, mouth open when looking at pictures like this, go check out The Party Dress and get ready to be inspired. I mean is it strange that I want to throw a kid’s birthday party? Minor fact: married, no kids.

The treats show above include mini ghost cupcakes hocus-pocus hats (made out of chocolate ice cream cones), witch cookies, chocolate pumpkin cake and tombstone cookies.

Please note that this is not diet friendly or gluten-free. You may just need to go for a longer run the next day.

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