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Domino Lives On

October 26, 2009


Plaza Sofa $1,299, CB2

plus sign

Fishnet Pillow $110, Ortotan

plus sign

coffee table
Bridge Coffee Table $299, West Elm
plus sign

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant $259,  West Elm

equal sign

Everything I want in my Family Room, right now.

This is just a glimpse of the items added to my wish list that I had pulled from my new love affair Lonnymag, an online magazine that has kept me occupied and distracted from reality for the past several days. After studying every page (& falling in love with my new living room, above) I did a little “research” and discovered that this was created from the former editors of Domino Magazine. Seriously? I was still mourning the loss of Domino and even though I don’t physically have a printed copy of the new Lonnymag, I will deal. If you’re decor obsessed than don’t waste your time, grab your cup of coffee, wrap yourself in a blanket and get ready to be inspired,

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