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Moms know best

October 18, 2009


warning: this is not a scratch and sniff

I’ve been sick for a while and not living in the same state as my family and my mom not being able to make her [high sodium] Lipton soup and saltines crackers, she decided to send me flowers & chocolates instead. With my husband and I both on a tight budget, flowers didn’t make the “need” list. Thankfully, my mom understands the simple beauty and satisfaction that flowers bring which in return, makes me happy, which then makes my husband happy. Happy wife, happy life…

No, I’m not an expert, but I’m picky when it comes to constructing the right flower arrangement and most definitely won’t purchase a bouquet that includes carnations. Ok, there was one use of carnations that I found acceptable (check it out, here), but other than that, no thank you. When it comes to flower arrangements, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Keep it simple with an arrangement of either Gerber daisy’s, Tulips, Peony’s, or Sunflowers. Need a pick me up at work, that doesn’t involve sneaking an alcoholic beverage in your coffee mug? Tempting, I know, but this will help keep you employed. Go to your local florist or grocery store and buy a single stem flower & maybe some greenery, put it in a small vase, preferably a few inches tall and voilà!

Everyone loves surprises and girls especially love flowers (& chocolate) so next time you find yourself thinking of someone, near or far, surprise them with a beautiful arrangement, chocolate optional. Those who are near, may also want to consider a bottle of wine because if you’re lucky, they’ll share.

I’ve included a few of my favorite florist and delivery services: Young Flowers (seattle), Pike Place Flowers, Seattle Flowers1-800 Flowers (despite their bad advertising, they have a nice selection), Teleflora, and Harry & David (gourmet food). If possible, stop by your local farmers market and pick up a fresh beautiful arrangement instead.

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