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October 16, 2009


I don’t believe in waiting for a special occasion to break open a bottle of bubbly and either should you, it’s too damn good. There are many moments throughout the day where I have to restrain myself from popping open a bottle. I’m in advertising, it’s a normal restraint for many, it just might be a bottle of something stronger for the others. My mother taught me to always have a bottle in the fridge, the only difference is she always has Veuve Clicquot on hand, I have Cooks. I enjoy anything from Prosecco, German Rieslings, Italian Moscato d’asti (try Saracco) and I’ll even settle for, Cooks Spumante. Best part is its lower in calories compared to other fancy cocktails. With all that said, call the girls because it’s Friday night and enjoy a glass or bottle (or two) of some bubbly!

Girls Night? Bridal Shower? Long Day? Mix it up with the fun recipes below:

♦ 1/2 cup sparkling wine + 1 sugar cube soaked with 2 dashes of bitters = Classic Champagne Cocktail

♦ 1/2 cup sparkling wine + 1 Tbsp Cointreau + 1/4 cup grapefruit juice + ice cubes = Grapefruit Fizz

♦ 1/4 cup sparkling wine + 1/2 cup raspberry sorbet + 1/4 cup raspberries + 1/4 whipped cream = Boozy Raspberry Parfait

Recipes from Real Simple

Don’t forget about the [healthy] Bellini and classic Mimosa, always a good option for mid morning/afternoon occasions or even to sooth a hangover. Cheers!

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